Natural Fiber Solution

Transition from oil based resources to sustainable and renewable resources

It is quite evident that crop-based biomass will form an increasingly important role in the future as a raw material for a variety of product.

We provide technology and knowhow that facilitates environmentally sustainable production by allowing the use of renewable natural fibers to create products that are safe for you and the environment you live in, using a significant low amount of energy. Natural fiber has in principle 2 origins;

  • a fiber crop grown especially for the purpose of generating fibers – examples are hemp, flax, sisal, kenaf,
  • a residual from a crop grown for other purpose than the fiber – examples are linseed, coco, palm oil,

  • ANW TURNKEY - from field to final product including:

  • Separation of the plant elements in fiber and shives

  • Fiber preparation
  • Refining, opening, shortening and mixing fibers

  • Fiber treatment
  • Treatment of fibers with additives such as fire retardants, anti-microbial agents and binders

  • CAFT Nonwoven manufacturing
  • Form a continuous web of randomly oriented fibers at a defined density and thickness

  • Thermo bonding
  • Bond the web using heat to activate the in-mixed binder fiber

  • Cutting and packaging
  • Cut the continuous web in required sizes – roles or pads – then winded or stacked and finally pack and wrap
  • The mats can then be used in the endless line of applications – see applications.

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