Our patented CAFT - Carding Airlaid Fusion Technology - introduces unprecedented flexibility and capacity in air-laid/carding processing that literally is "game changing" in the industry.

The CAFT technology facilitates the use of sustainable and renewable resources creating a variety of new products.

Our patented SDIL - Spray-Dry-In-Line - enables us to treat fibers very efficient in-line, such as fire retarding, alternate hydrophobic or hydrophilic capabilities, anti-microbial agents, dust binding and a variety of coatings are made possible by this technology.

A broad selection of products can be produced with the CAFT technology - ranging from thin tissue-like textures to lofty structures and from low to high-density compositions.

Treatment of fibers with the SDIL technology secures that the products will comply with legal and specified functional requirements.


  • Unprecedented flexibility and capacity
  • Use of sustainable and renewable resources
  • Efficient and easy treatment of fibers
  • Broad range of products
  • Patented technologies

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