Natural Fiber Solution

The transition from oil-based resources to sustainable and renewable resources.

We provide technology and knowhow that facilitates environmentally sustainable production by allowing the use of renewable natural fibers to create products that are safe for you and the environment you live in, using a significant low amount of energy. Essentially, natural fibers can be made from two origins:

  1. A fiber crop grown especially for the purpose of generating fibres. Examples include hemp, flax, sisal, and kenaf
  2. A residual from a crop grown for a different purpose than fibers. Examples include wood, linseed, coconut, sea grass and palm leaves

Natural fiber crop

The natural source is turned from fraction to fiber

Natural fiber

The fiber can be treated with additives using our DALT technology and turned into a composite 

Nonwoven mat

The composite is turned into a non-woven mat using our CAFT forming technology

Commercialized product

Transform the mat into a new product, e.g. furniture, insulation, growth media, automotive, upholstery, filtration.