The idea

The idea behind Advance Nonwoven’s patented Carding Airlaid Fusion Technology (CAFT) arose in 2006 with the objective of creating new commercial opportunities for sustainable and renewable products made from natural fibres, waste or recycled material, where we supply the manufacturing equipment.

The mission was and still is to develop and engineer a technology that can up-cycle or recycle, what has previously been considered low-value, non-usable fibers and waste, into high-value products and materials.

This solution provides sustainable alternatives to a wide range of offerings such as insulation for buildings and machines, acoustic matts, furniture upholstery, growth mats for agriculture, food packaging and hard composition materials.

The Vision

Advance Nonwoven’s vision is to help our customers implement their sustainable agenda by providing them with a technology that can up-cycle or recycle their waste fractions of today into products of tomorrow.

Industry experience

Since 2006, our research and development within airlaid nonwoven technology has resulted in an industry leading knowhow that enables us to continuously advance our unique CAFT-line and provide our customers with a complete solution customized to their particular situation and needs.